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Thanks for taking some time to check out my site and learn about me.


Writing an "about me" is hard.  The content is there, but organizing it enough for a pleasant two-paragraph mind goes blank. 

So this is the about me you get; and anyway it probably helps you get to know me better than a neat and succinct two-paragraph blurb. 

I am a parent(to two humans and one dog), partner, sibling, zizi (gender neutral term aunt/uncle), friend. My family is so precious to me. I've been making art in some way since I was a small kid. Drawing, painting, performance, speaking, crafting, you name it.

I love to create, problem-solve, and make beautiful things. 

I've done some really awesome things the last 12 years as an artist. Tattooing, producing burlesque and variety shows, performing in burlesque and variety shows, teaching dance, owning a studio, teaching fellow creators, learning from fellow creators, and so much more. I'm in love with the way art creates a container for connection and meaningful experiences. I'm deeply grateful I get to have this life.  

I value curiosity and compassion. I learn and grow in all the ways I can to bring curiosity and compassion into all the ways I show up in the world. I live by "do no harm, take no shit". I am committed to bringing anti-racism, equity, and restorative justice practice into my heart, mind, activism, parenting, and work. 


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