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This intimate, sensual striptease was inspired by all things timeless glamour; a tribute to film noir, Bettie Page, and classic burlesque beauty. Scarlette's romantic, intentional movement and stunning poses on their leopard settee bench create an enticing pattern of tension and release throughout the performance.


Said to be their slow and burniest of slow burns, Scarlette takes their time teasing their audience with intense eye contact and subtle peeling. Full of drama, with a charming smirk sprinkled throughout, Scarlette transitions to big, sharp movements to remove their robe...into the final reveal of their glorious, curvy, tattooed body. 

Performance to The Mooche with the Southside Aces

Scarlette's favorite ways to burlesque are improv and live band! 


High-energy, comedic, cool mom feminism. Entering the stage nursing their baby, Scarlette interrupts and asks the MC if they could try their hand at a burlesque routine. They jump into an outrageous dance routine in a tacky pink tracksuit. Ending with Revolver strutting and grinding the stage in a bedazzled breast pump.

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