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Tattoo Booking Info

The best way to stay up to date on available tattoo designs, flash days, and when my custom request form is open is by following me on Instagram 


A custom tattoo is an idea or concept that I draw specifically for you based on your requests. If you have lots of specific details and requests, and want control over the design, I will not be a good fit for you. I work best when I have freedom to create a design. If you like the work in my portfolio, keep in mind it's because I was given creative freedom in the designs. 


Request form open: MONDAY OCTOBER 2nd FROM 3-9PM

1. Follow me on Instagram or check back here on my site for when the Custom Tattoo Request form is open. I open it approximately every 2 months, and I book for 2 months at a time. 

2. When the form is open, complete the google form to submit your request. 

3. I review all requests and email the ones I'd like to book for that booking period. 

4. I receive more requests than available appointments, so unfortunately not everyone will get a spot each booking window. You will still receive an email even if yours isn't selected. Unless I reach out directly to let you know the piece you requested isn't a good fit for me, please submit a request again the next time the form is open!

5. All custom pieces are priced into two categories, $450 or $850, depending on design imagery, detail, size, estimated time, etc. 


A flash tattoo is a pre-drawn, multi-use tattoo design at a set size. No changes can be made to flash designs. Clients can choose outline only, stipple shading, gray shading, or color depending on the flash they choose. Flash pieces can only be done on the arms and the legs. 

1. Follow me on Instagram or check back here on my site for flash dates and when booking is open for flash tattoos. I will post the booking link on Instagram when spots are available. 

2. I add to my flash book on a fairly regular basis. You can view available designs on my story highlight on Instagram.

3. All flash are priced between $200-$400. 


Tiny tattoos are small tattoos no larger than 2", single line (no shading, fill in), simple designs. These are great for first time tattoos! Or the handwriting, tiny best friends tattoo, etc. you've been wanting to get. 

1. Follow me on Instagram or check back here on my site for tiny tattoo dates and when booking is open for tiny tattoo days. I will post the booking link when spots are available.

2. Want a tiny tattoo but don't have a design? No prob bob. I have a handful of cute little designs you can choose from. 

3.. All tiny tattoos are priced at my minimum of $200. 


1. I offer complementary color tests for BIPOC folks, so you can see how different colors will look on your skin tone. To book a free color test send me an email directly 

2. Jackalope has a set of small, simple color test designs. I'll show you what we have pre-drawn when you email, or if you have your own design in mind let me know. 


I set aside 1 appointment per month for a pay-what-you-can spot for trans BIPOC individuals. If you would like to request one of these spots please send me an email directly


Want to get tattooed but it's not currently feasible with the cash money budget? Right now I'm open to trading tattoo work for food, massage, costuming, home cleaning, pet care, child care(experienced, has training and references), hair cut/color services. Please send me an email at I offer trade spots to BIPOC, disabled, queer and/or trans folks first. Also note, I have a set number of spots for trade work and may already be working with someone else offering the same service, please know if I decline your offer at this time it's not personal and there may be opporuntity to work together in the future. 

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